All Saints Property Improvement

Development Notice

Development Notice

The Development Application for the improvement of the current buildings has been accepted. The aim of the improvement is to manage increasing maintenance costs of an old building and increase the usability of the facilities by both the Church and the community – many community groups make use of the current halls.

The footprint and seating capacity of the building will remain the same – the main change is the enclosing of the area between the church and the hall.

More information is available on the Council’s Website.
Click here for DA page at Manly Council website.

Artist’s Impression

Initial artist’s impressions based on architect’s concept drawings late 2010.

Artist's Impression

Architects Fly Through

The architect has created this fly through to give us an idea of dimension and space. Details such as colour, materials, furniture etc are not final and for illustration only.

What about the stained glass windows?

All the stained glass windows will be kept and maintained. Where possible they will stay in their current position. Where that is not possible for structural reasons they will be moved. There are a number of suggestions for where they should be moved – one is that the current south west windows be moved to the north west wall where there are currently no stained glass windows, but it is too early to definitively say how they will be managed.
The main point is that they will definitely be kept and definitely be used as a feature in the building.
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