What are the Banking Details for All Saints Church?

When you make a deposit don’t forget to enter you name into the Reference field. This is particularly important if you are transferring funds to pay for an Event so that we can track your payment.

If you are wanting to transfer money into the General Fund
(such as offertories):
All Saints Balgowlah
BSB 032190
Account No 110054
For transfers to the Tax Deductible Building Fund
All Saints Building Fund
BSB 012 330
Account No 3759 29238
For transfers to the Tax Deductible SRE (Scripture) Fund
All Saints Scripture Fund
BSB 012 330
Account No 3759 29246

I’m looking for a local church…

Come along and visit us at one of the services, or contact the Office. If it is unattended leave a message and someone will give you a call back. Information about our Sunday and MidWeek Services is available on the Services page by clicking here.

Do you only do things on Sunday?

No – many of our members meet during the week, both formally and informally and many are involved with others in Christian organisations outside of All Saints’.

For mothers and carers of small children we run a fortnightly group called ‘Mothers and Others’ which meets on Friday mornings in the church hall during the school term. We encourage our members to be part of a Growth Group for mutual support and encouragement in our Christian lives. These groups meet in peoples’ homes on week nights or day time.

We also have two monthly mid week services, the second Thursday 11am service followed by a light lunch particularly for those who find it difficult to make it Sunday mornings. And the first Wednesday evening at 8pm a service of Healing and Wholeness where we pray for people in need.

Some of our members are involved in serving at the Manly Soup kitchen and Hospital Visiting through the Pastoral Care Team.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Christianity we regularly run the Alpha Course. You can find out more about Alpha by clicking calling the office – 02 9948 2455.

I want to send my children to Sunday School…

On Sunday mornings, in conjunction with our 9:45am Service we run a programme catering for school age children as well as a creche for babies and toddlers as well as a prechool program for 3-5 year olds. The creche is always attended by at least two members of the church who have passed appropriate screening procedures. The children’s programme is divided into age appropriate groups and led by an enthusiastic group of volunteers.

I am interested in having my child baptised…

Just ring the office on 9948 2455 and we will give you the information you need to make this important decision.

What do Christians really believe…

Although there appear to be many types of Christian churches, we all have one thing in common – our faith in Jesus Christ. Many Aussies mistakenly think that being a Christian is about living a moral life based on the teachings of Jesus. They think that if they can be good enough then God will accept them when they die.

What God actually says is that none of us can be good enough to earn a place in his heaven. That’s why Jesus came, to do for us what we can not do for ourselves, to make us acceptable to God. By giving his perfect life in place of ours, Jesus took the punishment for our wrong doing. And by rising from the dead, Jesus conquered death for us and raises us to new life with God now and eternally.

The way that Christians express their relationship with God when they meet together may differ greatly. What unites us is God’s powerful presence with us through his son, Jesus Christ.

Why go to a church at all…

People come to churches for all sorts of reasons and churches are made up of people who are experiencing many of the same things as those who don’t go to church. But a church isn’t just a place you go. The church is the people, the community gathered because God calls us together to meet with him.

Being in a community of people who put their faith in Jesus Christ doesn’t provide a quick fix for all the problems that come our way. But it does mean that we don’t have to journey alone.

Do you have a hidden agenda?

We definitely have an agenda but it’s not hidden. We want to help everyone to know that God loves them and that by being part of our church we will all grow together as followers of Jesus Christ.

You may decide that you don’t want to make contact with the community of All Saints’ but we encourage you to look to Jesus – he always answers those who search for him.