Ruth Chapter 1









Ruth Chapter 1



How welcoming is our church? What’s the difference between being a friendly and being a welcoming church? What is involved in being part of a welcome ministry? If these questions interest you then please come to and hear Raj Gupta, Rector of Toongabbie Anglican, speak on welcoming. Thursday 21 September, 8-9:30pm in the church. Sign up today.


Preacher: David Watkins

945 am Service

Scripture: Jonah

The Camel and the Needle


Preacher: Clif McDonnell

945 am Service

Series: Jesus the storyteller

Scripture: Luke 18:18-30

Two men went to pray


Preacher: Clif McDonnell

945 am Service

Series: Jesus the Story Teller

Scripture: Luke 18:9-14

Play Group

Our play group welcomes parents and carers of little ones to play, laugh, read and sing; to enjoy the experience of children at play and make some new friends in this beautiful and small playgroup

This free program is on every second week. Upcoming Dates: August 8, August 22, Sept 5, Sept 19

Cyber Parenting Seminar

Our children’s lives are immersed in technology; their music, social schedule, schoolwork, games and daily interaction rely on it. Not so long ago, we as parents could limit our kids’ exposure to the Internet, guiding them through the information they found and protecting them from predators, bullying and porn. But the goalposts have moved: devices are portable and access is possible 24/7.

Simone and James Boswell update parents on what they need to know about technology and how it impacts families. But more importantly, they discuss timeless parenting principles that help mums and dads teach their kids how to live wisely online and stand firm when the physical and digital worlds collide.

DATE: Friday August 11
TIME: 6:45-9:15pm
COST: $10

To register click here

Ecclesiastes 12: The End of the Matter

Deborah BenstedPreacher: Deb Bensted
Service: snc
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 12

Enjoy the Moment – Ecclesiastes 11

Matt WilcoxenPreacher: Matt Wilcoxen
Service: 945am
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 11 – Enjoy the Moment
Series:A Life Worth Living

Avoid Foolishness – Ecclesiastes 10

Matt WilcoxenPreacher: Matt Wilcoxen
Service: 945am
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 10
Series:A Life Worth Living

Ecclesiastes 1: That’s Life

Clif McdonnellPreacher: Clif McDonnell
Service: 945am
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 1
Series:A Life Worth Living

Water to Wine AM

Matt WilcoxenPreacher: Matt Wilcoxen
Service: 945am
Scripture: John 2:1-12
Series:John – Jesus Seven Signs

ChristmasFAIR Report

ChristmasFAIR was a great success.

  • 10 children were sponsored through Compassion
  • 20 shoe boxes were packed and $410 donated for Operation Christmas Child
  • Christmas gifts and food items were given at the Anglicare Christmas tree
  • TEAR raised $570 through Christmas card gifts and
  • Indonesian Women Self-Help raised $727.

Many people supported and learnt more about the work of Open Doors and Baptist World Aid. The All Saints’ Food, Treasure and Children’s stalls raised an additional $3,264 which will be distributed to the mission organisations that we support at Christmas.

The Fair Trade stall holders were also very pleased with the event and very thankful for our help. Here are two emails in which we received comments…

“Well done Rosemary and Jenny and all the wonderful people behind the scenes who made the All Saints’ Balgowlah Church fair trade markets happen.” Sarah.

“Thanks need to go to you (Rosemary) and your church that assisted you with the organisation of the day…I really appreciated the team of helpers that helped me unload and load my car.” Amanda.

One Fair Trade stall holder told me how great she thought it was to have the church service set the platform for the day and then to follow this up with short talks that explained the involvement of some of the Christian organisations.

This was a huge effort by so many. Thank you everyone who was involved and a special thank you to Rosemary and Jenny. Only the Lord knows the full extent of the blessings that will come from this day, so we thank and praise him!

Clif McDonnell

“If one of you says to them, “Go in peace, keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?” James 2:16.

The Big Bounce

The Big Bounce


The Big Bounce Youth Event is for those in Years 6-12. 6:30-9pm Friday 12th July. Cost $10

You can download a flyer here …
The Big Bounce Flyer

Understanding Teen Sexuality with Dr. Patricia Weerakoon


Dr. Patricia Weerakoon is a Sexologist, Medical Doctor, Writer, Social Commentator, Senior Lecturer and Academic Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Sexual Health at the University of Sydney. She is passionate about helping people understand their sexuality and experience God’s best for their life.

Join Dr. Weerakoon at All Saints Balgowlah for either of these seminars:

Understanding Teen Sexuality –
A Guide for Parents

7:30-9:30pm Thursday 20th June – Cost $10

Teen Sex by the Book – 
For older teens & young adults

6:30-9pm Friday 21st June, Cost $4

The church is located on the corner of Sydney Road and Boyle Street Balgowlah. No RSVP necessary.

Dr. Weerakoon’s latest publication, Teen Sex by the Book, will be available for purchase on the night at the reduced price of $10 per copy. Her other works can be found online at

You can download a flyer here …
Understanding Teen Sexuality A5 Flyer