Play Group

Our play group welcomes parents and carers of little ones to play, laugh, read and sing; to enjoy the experience of children at play and make some new friends in this beautiful and small playgroup

This free program is on every second week. Upcoming Dates: August 8, August 22, Sept 5, Sept 19

Cyber Parenting Seminar

Our children’s lives are immersed in technology; their music, social schedule, schoolwork, games and daily interaction rely on it. Not so long ago, we as parents could limit our kids’ exposure to the Internet, guiding them through the information they found and protecting them from predators, bullying and porn. But the goalposts have moved: devices are portable and access is possible 24/7.

Simone and James Boswell update parents on what they need to know about technology and how it impacts families. But more importantly, they discuss timeless parenting principles that help mums and dads teach their kids how to live wisely online and stand firm when the physical and digital worlds collide.

DATE: Friday August 11
TIME: 6:45-9:15pm
COST: $10

To register click here

Messy Family Christmas Night

Our Messy Family Christmas Night is a night of fun and mess for the whole family. We’ll be making gingerbread houses, wrapping paper and some christmas artworks for your walls as well as eating dinner together and opening up the bible.

Dec 5th 2015 from 5-8pm in the church hall. $25 for the family. register at

Hope you can join us

I want to send my children to Sunday School…

On Sunday mornings, in conjunction with our 9:45am Service we run a programme catering for school age children as well as a creche for babies and toddlers as well as a prechool program for 3-5 year olds. The creche is always attended by at least two members of the church who have passed appropriate screening procedures. The children’s programme is divided into age appropriate groups and led by an enthusiastic group of volunteers.