Do you only do things on Sunday?

No – many of our members meet during the week, both formally and informally and many are involved with others in Christian organisations outside of All Saints’.

For mothers and carers of small children we run a fortnightly group called ‘Mothers and Others’ which meets on Friday mornings in the church hall during the school term. We encourage our members to be part of a Growth Group for mutual support and encouragement in our Christian lives. These groups meet in peoples’ homes on week nights or day time.

We also have two monthly mid week services, the second Thursday 11am service followed by a light lunch particularly for those who find it difficult to make it Sunday mornings. And the first Wednesday evening at 8pm a service of Healing and Wholeness where we pray for people in need.

Some of our members are involved in serving at the Manly Soup kitchen and Hospital Visiting through the Pastoral Care Team.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Christianity we regularly run the Alpha Course. You can find out more about Alpha by clicking calling the office – 02 9948 2455.