Who we are

About Us

The purpose or mission of All Saints’ is summed up in the phase, ‘growing disciples of Jesus Christ’. What does a ‘disciple of Jesus Christ’ look like?

A disciple of Jesus Christ is a believer committed to meeting with the people of God, around the word of God, in whole of life worship, serving others in love and witnessing to the world of Christ’s transforming grace.

Our vision is to see new people joining our church and our current members growing in these areas of Christian life. To this end we encourage all to share the following values, which underpin all that we do.

At All Saints’ we value:

  • Leaders who empower others
  • Everyone serving according to their gifts
  • Passionate relationships with Jesus Christ
  • Structures that support our mission
  • Worship Services that inspire
  • Small groups that focus on the whole of our lives
  • Evangelism that touches the needs of others
  • Relationships based of love

These values are measured regularly in the life of the church using a church health indicator called Natural Church Development. For further information visit the NCD website.


Clif McDonnell – Senior Minister

Clif is the Ministry Team leader and is responsible for the oversight and spiritual direction of the life of our church.

“It’s a great privilege to be a part of the All Saints’ family and work with such a great team. My passion is to see All Saints’ grow to be all that Jesus intends for us to be so we can shine for him in this part of the world.”


Jimmy Shepherd – Youth and Young Adult Minister

Jimmy oversees the Sunday evening congregation, as well as the youth and young adults ministries.


Camille Sena – Children’s Minister

CaptureCamille coordinates the work with our primary aged children and younger.

Other thank teaching children about Jesus Camille loves all things creative, wheter it be baking or painting, craft or music Camille loves them all.

“Abraham Lincoln once said, “A child is a person who is going to carry on what you have started… He is going to move in and take over your churches, schools, universities and corporations… …the fate of humanity is in his hands – teach him well!” How true is it that the children are the future church, but they are also the present church and a precious part of Gods plan now! So it is our heart that the children at this church are trained up to love and follow our great God from now and into the future.”


Pure Wong – Office Administrator

Jimmy oversees the Sunday evening congregation, as well as the youth and young adults ministries